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The Green Man’s Garden offers a range of professional consultancy services built around our customers’ ecological and arboricultural needs. Our highly knowledgeable, qualified and experienced consultancy offers peace of mind by ensuring that designs and tree management are legal, safe and above all delivering to our customer’s requirements as well as enhancing local ecology and the health of their outdoor spaces.

Please contact us if you’d like to chat about how we can improve your green space, or if you have any questions about the offerings below.

tree maintenance and removal

Our passion is for trees (we’ve spent a few combined years studying them!) so we’ll help you understand the options available whilst prioritising the tree’s health. If the tree has to be felled, we’ll help you choose and plant another, more appropriate tree.

We work to BS3998:2010, and associated industry standards and best practices, to ensure the safety of property, passers-by and that of our own prized arborists.

  •  Pollarding and Coppicing

    Helping to maintain these ancient traditions to bring produce directly from your own garden whilst bringing a valuable resource for wildlife back into use

  • Crown Reduction and Crown Raising

    Manage problem trees that have outgrown their space without sacrificing their health or long-term beauty

  • Selective Pruning

    Removing dead wood, limbs, or branches that are impacting upon a tree’s health and form. Every cut is carried out in a way that minimises stress upon the tree and helps it heal its wounds

  • Felling

    Where a tree has fallen to decline or has become hazardous, our highly skilled arborists will safely fell the tree in a way that minimises potential damage to the vicinity. We can also help  you choose a suitable replacement and assist in its planting

  • Stump Removal

    While old stumps are often valuable habitat, we realise they can get in the way of replacement trees or fences. We are able to safely kill and remove stumps in a way that prevents unintentional leakage of chemicals, to help achieve the garden you want

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landscape and garden services
  • ‘Living Garden’ Garden Designs

    Achieve a beautiful, vibrant and balanced ecoystem that attracts a diverse array of wildlife, and reduces the need for harmful and costly pesticides.

  • Planting Plans

    We’ll help you understand the ecology of your garden and choose beautiful plants, shrubs and trees that support its health and wildlife

  • Woodland Management Plans

    We’ll catalogue and help you produce a management plan for your woodland that will suit its purpose in a way that enhances biodiversity and minimises damage. We can also support you with applications for funding.

  • Landscaping

    We’re selective about the materials used and employ innovative methods to build discreet habitat for wildlife without impacting on the quality or vision of the design.

  • Water Features

    Specialising in water features for wildlife, we will design and build eye catching ponds, waterfalls and streams. Not only valued for their tranquil sounds, water features can attract wildlife that will improve the overall health of your garden and reduce the need for pesticides.

  • Planting

    Qualified to Bachelors level with many years of experience, our gardeners and arborists will help to plant trees, hedges, shrubs and smaller plants. We will help ensure that each is planted in optimal conditions, including installation of drainage and water systems.

  • Maintenance Plans

    We have a range of maintenance packages that will ensure each garden in our care is managed in a way that optimises each to support wildlife without detriment to our customers’ enjoyment. Hedges are neatly maintained, trees and shrubs are pruned to form, and grass neatly cut-but always ensuring that disruption to wildlife is minimised and discreet habitats are created.

    Our packages are tailored to your unique garden.

surveying and consultancy

Our range of surveys support customers who are small to medium sized woodland owners wishing to better understand the ecology of their woodland or are keen to understand how best to generate an income from it without impacting upon that ecology. These surveys extend to tree health and management plans, providing our customers with peace of mind that their trees are both safe and well cared for.

Where there are Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) or the land is within a conservation zone, our team of experts are able to support you through the process, offering a full range of surveys incorporating BS5837:2012 standards that will enhance the prospects of any application to the local authority.

  • Tree Health Inspection

    While many species of tree will stand tall for many years, others live shorter lives. Some grow faster and some quite slowly. Our detailed tree inspections, carried out to BS5837:2012 standards, fully assess the overall health of a tree, its key characteristics and makes recommendations on how to maintain or improve its health. These surveys are often vital for trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

  • Ecological and Habitat Surveys

    Phase 1 Habitat surveys are one of the quickest methods to record semi-natural vegetation and wildlife habitats. Providing coloured maps, target notes and statistics to assist planning and conservation work.

  • NVC Surveys

    National Vegetation Classification (NVC) is the core standard used to describe the character and value of vegetation in Britain. It acts as a monitoring tool and a predictive framework that can serve as the basis for developing management plans for woodland sites or for restoration projects and design guidelines.

  • Tree Impact on Planned Development Reports

    With the need to more intelligently design new buildings or refurbish and expand olds ones, there is a need to understand the impact that trees might have on those buildings and vice versa. Working to BS5837:2012 we will map tree root protection areas and offer impact assessment advice relating to existing or planned trees in development.

  • Tree Risk Assessments

    HSE guidelines and BS5837:2012 standards are applied to all tree risk assessments. We will fully assess risks in relation to trees, both from a tree health and local environment perspective to accurately assess risks posed to or by the tree for the purposes of planning reports and evidence submitted for insurance purposes.

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