Cedar Takedown

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Project Information

A large Atlas Blue Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) with a Tree Preservation Order growing adjacent to the property boundary had died. It had several branches overhanging the road leading to a school some of which had fallen causing damaging to boundary fence. In order to take away the hazard, a decision was taken to fell the tree and replace it with another.

Summary of Work
  • Liaison with planning authorities to advise them of the threat the tree placed and to agree appropriate measures to maintain the intended benefits of the tree.
  • Detailed risk and method statement to ensure safe take down of tree
  • Partial dismantling and rigging to safely lower branches
  • Directional felling of the tree to ensure no damage to various nearby structures, including a pond and greenhouse
Ecological Impact

Although not considered particularly beneficial to wildlife, the tree was particularly favoured by birds due to its height and location as part of a wildlife travel corridor therefore a replacement was deemed appropriate, especially given its value as a characterful landscape tree.


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