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While every job and project is different, it’s important to us that we set and meet your expectations while working with you, so we’d like to give some insight as to how we work. As the process will vary with each and every customer, we recommend you contact us with any questions you might have about what to expect.

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We like to start by asking plenty of questions, so we can find out the following:

  • Your needs
  • Your preferences and tastes
  • Your budget and availability
  • Considerations and possible challenges (Traffic control, Tree Protection Orders, boundaries/borders, etc)
  • Assess safety concerns (Yours, and the public if applicable)

Some jobs are simple enough that we can set things up with a phone call or two, though for a garden re-design or a woodland management plan for example we would come by for a visit to visually inspect the area, take some photographs, and draw up some preliminary sketches. We don’t charge for our initial consultation.

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design proposals and surveys

After talking with you,  and if your project is complex enough, we might follow up with a design proposal or a survey, or both.  While we usually take photographs during consultation visits, we might come back and snap a few more at your convenience.

Both design proposals and surveys are billed at an hourly rate, to be agreed with you beforehand, as some will be more involved than others given the varied nature of our customers’ gardens and green spaces.

If you decide to go ahead with our proposed design or project plan, the already-paid cost of your survey and/or design proposal will be factored into the quoted cost of your overall project.

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concept plans, materials, and quotes

Once you’re on board with our proposed design and/or plan, we’ll get to work drawing up a more detailed version. This might also involve working with local authorities, especially when Tree Protection Orders are involved, or helping you request funding for your project. The masterplan will be sent to you to approve or give feedback.

We’ll then factor in any materials needed, whether its extra equipment or trees or flowers to be planted, and be sure that everything is exactly to your specifications.  From here you can expect a quote to be sent along from us, that includes all costs, and once we have your approval we’ll get started with the actual work.

However, all that being said, some jobs are simple enough for us to quote up front using our hourly rate. For a single tree-felling job, for example, we can turn things around as quick as you like generally.

project implementation and follow-up

Here’s where the actual work gets done! Provided you’d like to go forward with the proposed plan, we’ll schedule the work or propose a timetable if the job requires multiple days’ worth of labour. A payment schedule will also be agreed before work begins.

We’re not done until you’re happy with the results, so we’ll follow up with you to make sure the job was done right. Additionally we may recommend a maintenance plan for a garden design, or we can create a guide for you if you’d like to do-it-yourself.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk more about our process and what it would look like for your unique project.

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